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21 Harrison Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island (December 2008)
Website create to promote rental property. Currently rented.

21 Harrison Avenue Newport RI


49 Division Street Rental Property, Newport, Rhode Island (July 2007)....

49 division street

ACK 55 Performance Sailing Yacht (November 2010)

ack55 website

Archipelago Charters / (July 2009)

Archipelago Charters

Associates in Electrology and Advanced Laser Therapy (May 2007)
TMGD created the original website design.

“My first two words for describing Toni Mills...GREAT FIND! I have worked with numerous
people developing my site in the last few years and Toni is by far the best in the business.
She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and always gets the job done quickly.
Toni is an absolute pleasure to work with!” Debra A. Nazarian, Owner

associates in electrology and advanced laser therapy

Atlantic Coast Yacht Brokers (January 2011)
Preliminary website with page for brokerage listing search using iframe sourced from

atlantic coast yacht brokerage

Bikes & Kites, Inc. (April 2009)
Includes live feed from and live map and link to Google Map.

“Being a new business owner in the Newport/Middletown area I had an urgent need for
a quality design of my business logo, brochure and website. I ran across Toni Mills on
Google search and gave her a call. It was the best business decision that I have made
to get Bikes & Kites going! I recommend her graphic expertise for any size business
from small to large.” Stas Birutis, B&K President

Bikes & Kites, Inc

Calpak Solar Thermal (December 2010)
Custom website built with WordPress and customized themes

Calpak Solar Thermal

CarryMe USA Folding Bikes (November 2011)
Comments received about the website

“The layout is very nice and clean as well as easy to navigate. I think the site is fantastic! ” 10 year eCommerce Professional

“Very nice! The website has a clean design and is easy to navigate.” University Professor of Art

“I wish to add that I have worked with you on both the CP Solar Thermal and the CarryMe USA web sites and you have been a pleasure to work. Your participative approach is most refreshing and you have been quick to put into form the concepts that I have described. I thank you for contributing and consider you to be more than our web designer, but part of our marketing brain trust. I highly endorse your work to other companies.”
Tom Bannos, President, CarryMe USA LLC

CarryMe USA Folding Bikes

Carbon Ocean Yachts (February 2010)
Features: Basic Flash, AllWebMenus javascript, Spry Accordion widget (Team and Press pages)

Carbon Ocean Yachts

The Caribbean Concierge (2004)
November 2009 – Updated Flash website originally created in 2004

The Caribbean Concierge

Custom Yacht Outfitters (Original website design May 2008, new website September 2012)
New website design using Wordpress Multisite Network to include three domains under one
Wordpress install:  |  |

“Having our website designed by Toni Mills was by far our best marketing decision in 2008.
Toni was very helpful and informative in all aspects of setting up the website. She is very
creative and came up with different ideas on layout and setup. We have recommended
Toni Mills to other companies that inquired about our website.” Niall Rafferty, President

custom yacht outfitters

Delman Watch Service Company (June 2013)
Includes eCommerce with online store and PayPal to sell preowned and reconditioned watches.

“Fred and I are so happy with the way you designed our web site! Your knowledge and
attention to detail are impeccable! Your consistent availability to answer questions and solve
problems is great! We are getting many compliments from friends and colligues all the time.
Any time you need a recommendation — just let us know.”
Elena and Fred Delman, Delman Watch Service Co.

Delman Watch Service

Dyer Design Landscape Design and Construction (May 2011)
Photo galleries use Lightbox for enlargements and captions

“Toni. Thanks for doing such a great job with the company launch. We worked through naming,
logos, website and launching and all the time you were right there with great ideas and execution.
I never had to wait for anything and I am so happy with the result.”
Philip Dyer, Dyer Design

Dyer Design Landscape Design and Construction

English Christmas Cakes and Puddings (October 2010)
eCommerce with PayPal. Live feed from Facebook.

English Christmas Cakes and Puddings

Email Marketing RI (February 2011)
Wordpress customized theme incorporated into Toni Mills Graphic Design's website.

Email Marketing RI

European Skin Care by Marilyn (June 2009)
January 2011: Converted website to Wordpress with custom Headway Theme.

European Skin Care by Marilyn

126ft Feadship Krisujen (September 2009)
Video, Flash and Magic Zoom image functionality.

126 ft Feadship Krisujen

First Card Company (August 2007)

first card company

The Forge Group USA (February 2011)
Wordpress website using Genesis Themes for SEO. Setup for client to Administer.

the forge group usa (May 2011)
Blog website using Wordpress and customized Weaver theme. URL & hosting to target Fundraising in RI.
Connected to parent company Seaside Consulting website thru navigation bar.

M/V Gansett Cruises (June 2010)

m/v gansett cruises

M/V Gansett Cruises – Mobile Website (2012)

m/v gansett cruises

Martins Hair Salon – Mobile Website (2012)

Martins Hair Salon and Beauty Services

Hellenic Womens Club (October 2009)
Navigation uses Spry Accordion functionality
. 2012 added Member Login using Wordpress and plugins.

hellenic womens club

Historic Tours of Newport (March 2010)
eCommerce site using AppointmentBookingPro with Joomla, and PayPal
. 2012 Changed to Zerve Online Booking.

historic tours of newport

Howie’s Hearts All Natural Dog Treats (November 2005)
eCommerce site with some Flash

howies hearts dog treats

Website design concept for Ida Lewis YC (submitted August 2007)
Left column navigation uses Spry Accordian feature

ida lewis yc

Janet Prip Sculpture in Metal and Stone (July 2007)

janet prip sculpture

John Prip Heritage Collection (2012)
Master Metalsmith eCommerce with PayPal

john prip heritage collection

Jerel @ 119 Hair Salon (January 2007)

jerel hair salon

Latasia: Exquisite Fine Fashion Jewelry (2008)
Originally designed in 2007, updated in 2008


Latasia: Exquisite Fine Fashion Jewelry (May 2010)
Originally designed in 2007, updated in 2008. Complete redesign May 2010


Loughborough Marine Interests, aka LMI Newport (June 2009)
Primary navigation uses Spry Horizontal Menu Bar.

“Toni Mills designed our original website back in 2005. Since then, our company had
expanded and we were in dire need of an update.

I expected her to add a few photos, or maybe rearrange the text, but what we ended up
with was a complete redesign, a total website make-over! Not only did Toni give us a
dynamic home page complete with slideshow, but she streamlined the content,
broadened the scope of our web presence, and gave the site a beautiful color scheme
that absolutely pops off the screen when you see it.

We are extremely pleased with Toni’s work and will continue to call on her for future
changes and updates.” David Loughborough, CEO, Loughborough Marine Interests, LLC

Loughborough Marine Interests (LMI)

Milagros Metal Tile (March 2010)
Premium metal tiles for commercial and residential applications.
Using Spry Accordion, Javascript and CSS for clean layout design.

“One of the most difficult aspects of starting our new business has been the part that was most
unfamiliar, the establishment of our online presence. We had not a clue as to how this should be
done. Fortunately the recommendation of Toni Mills brought someone to us who was able to develop
a web site that surpassed our expectations in it’s look and functionality. The site has been up for
less than a week and we are already receiving compliments on the look of our new tile collection.
This is what we had hoped for! While presentation may not be everything, we know that it counts
for a lot. In this case it is our virtual showroom. We couldn’t be more pleased with the work Toni
has done!” Peter Prip, co-owner Milagros Metal Tile Co.

milagros metal tile

My Canvas Photo – We Print Your Picture on Canvas (March 2008)
eCommerce site original design. Business is currently closed.

my canvas photo

New England Stone – one of the largest granite companies in the USA. (August 2005)
Original website design

new england stone

Newport Bay Club & Hotel (June 2010)
Includes live feeds to Twitter and Facebook accounts.

newport bay club and hotel

Newport Brokerage Boat Show 2007 (July 2007)
Original website design.

newport brokerage boat show

Newport’s Ocean Drive Map & Guide (June 2010)
Custom website design with eCommerce using PayPal.
Complete layout & design of Map & Guide also by TMGD.

“Thanks to the talent, experience and perseverance of Toni Mills, my Newport map,
‘Newport’s Ocean Drive Map & Guide Plus Bellevue Avenue, Cliff Walk & Other Major
Sights,’ became a reality! Map-making was new to me, so I depended on Toni’s skills.
She determined the requirements for the photos, text and the map itself. With Toni’s
technical expertise and my journalistic background, we became a synergistic team
working through the challenges. She also provided a smooth, important transition and
communication conduit between her office and the print shop. Next, Toni developed
the map website,which is informative and attractive. Toni’s up-to-date skills plus her
good cheer took my map project from start to successful completion!”
Betty Ann Czech, Newport Tourist Products LLC

newport map and guide

NikoTrack (2012)
Nikotrack network of Wordpress websites.

nikotrack overhead conveyors, industrial sliding doors and fall arrest protection systems

NikoTrack: Overhead Conveyors (2012)
Website within Nikotrack Network - Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Systems.

overhead conveyor and monorail systems

NikoTrack: Industrial Sliding Barn Doors (2012)
Website within Nikotrack Network - Industrial barn doors using enclosed monorail track systems.

industrial sliding barn doors with enclosed monorail track systems

NikoTrack: Fall Arrest Protection Systems (2012)
Website within Nikotrack Network - Fall Arrest Protection Systems vs Taut Wire Protection Systems.

fall arrest protection systems

Premier Event Management (April 2008)
Website design concept using Spry Tabbed Panels

Premier Event Management

Potter & Co. Newport RI (September 2011)
Website for Retail Store in Newport RI
. Features slideshow, Facebook feed, Google Calendar, XML file feed.

Potter & Co. Retail Store Newport RI

Racing Driver Info (September 2008)
Uses PayPal to purchase and PayLoadz to download eBook PDF

Racing Driver Info

Roatan Radio (July 2011)
Customized Wordpress theme with radio player, photo gallery, Google Calendar feed & more.

Roatan Radio

Sanderson Yachting (2012)
Charter Yacht broker with CharterIndex search functionality.

Sanderson Yachting

Scorpio Accessories (2012)
Selling jewelry and fashion accessories direct to the retail market

Sanderson Yachting

Shields One Design Class – Fleet 9, Newport (Spring 2007)
Original website design. Also created Shields Nationals 2007 website, hosted by Fleet 9, Newport.

“Toni has made my life easy as Fleet 9 Captain by providing consistantly
good service at a fair price without alot of back and forth. She just gets it.”
Andy Segal, Shields Fleet 9 Captain

“Toni has always been very prompt, very easygoing while working out the kinks
through development, and very capable at balancing customer requests with
practical technical solutions.” Kurt Edenbach, Shields Fleet 9 Secretary

shields fleet 9

Shields One Design Class – 2007 National Championship (August 2007)
Created Pro Bono as a Member of the Ida Lewis Yacht Club who hosted the event in Newport.
Website format based on the local Fleet 9 Newport Shields website.

“On behalf of the Regatta Committee, Shields Fleet #9 and the Ida Lewis Yacht Club,
thank you for helping make this event happen. Communications are key – and you unlocked
it all for us.” Peter Gerard, 2007 Shields Nationals Committee Chairman

“The 2007 site looks great – thanks for your support!” Richard Robbins, Shields Class Assoc

shields nationals 2007

SHS Pest Control, Portsmouth RI (August 2010)

“I needed to update our web site and met Toni Mills at a Newport County Chamber meeting.
From the initial meeting to the outline of work with estimate of cost right through to the final
launching of the new site she was extremely knowledgeable, professional and always did what
she said she would do. She listened to my wants and needs and made them work online. Our
web site is now easy to navigate and has a wealth of information for our customers. Toni is a
pleasant person to work with and I highly recommend her services.” Michele L. Eccles, President

shs pest control Blog for SHS Pest Control, Portsmouth RI (April 2011)

blog for shs pest control

Seaside Consulting Inc. (August 2011)
Website redesign consistent with blog website

Seaside Consulting Inc.

Smarter Building Systems (redesigned September 2015)
Website with WordPress blog incorporated into overall design. MagicZoom functionality for images.

smarter building systems

Blog added to Smarter Building Systems website (redesigned September 2015)

blog for smarter building systems

Spa Boutique RI (March 2011)
Enjoy the luxury and convenience of a facial, manicure,
pedicure, makeup or waxing in your own home.

spa boutique ri

SPARK Restaurant, Newport, Rhode Island (July 2007)

spark restaurant

Storm Guardian – Severe Weather Protection (2012)
Affordable severe weather protection products and services

storm guardian

Steve Sasco Designs (November 2008)
eCommerce website to sell custom jewelry. Jewelry is showcased using MagicZoom javascript.
Sales are made with PayPal for secure transactions.

“I found Toni Mills to be a wonderful graphic designer to work with. My ideas and visions for
the web site came to life with her expertise. She took my ideas and helped me achieve the
look and image I wanted. The end result was better than I could have imagined!” Steve Sasco

steve sasco designs

Sailing Yacht AXIA (August 2008)
Flash Opening, Navigation. and Page Flip (Home).
Spry DataSet with master and detail regions (Gallery).

S/Y Axia

Sailing Yacht AXIA (May 2010)
Updated original website content with addition of BLOG (Wordpress) and PHOTO GALLERIES (Spry).

S/Y Axia

Blog added to Sailing Yacht AXIA website (May 2010)

S/Y Axia

Sailing Yacht CALDERA (April 2009)
Home page has a Flash slideshow, Gallery uses Magic Zoom Plus to enlarge photos.

S/Y Caldera

Sailing Yacht ERICA XI (September 2009)
Video Clips, Spry HTML DataSet, MySQL, PHP, FLV.
Website used as a sales tool. ERICA XI was successfully sold in October 2010.

“Toni Mills came recommended to us through numerous Newport yachting identities when
we decided to put Erica XI on the market. In the space of a very short time Toni has presented
an excellent graphic design package to suit both our brochure and print objectives. In addition
she developed a website specific to our needs and budget.

Toni has been extremely professional in all her work and has been open to continuous dialogue
and input from both myself, the yachts owners and the brokerage team. I would not hesitate
to recommend Toni Mills Graphic Design. I can guarantee her number is saved in our contacts
for any design, web development work in the future.” Captain Dara Johnston, Erica XI of Hamilton

S/Y Erica XI

Sailing Yacht SKYLARK (January 2010)
FLV videos, Flash slideshows, Photo zoom with Magic Zoom Plus image functionality.
Website used as a sales tool. SKYLARK was successfully sold and moved to the UK.


Perini Navi Sailing Yacht ZENJI (August 2012)
HTML5 and CSS3 grid format with mouse drag function. Footer slides up to reveal content.
Grid element content opens into current window. Slideshow of images on HOME page.
Portfolio of images on mouseroll or click for manual slideshow effect.


Dipper’s Packing Co., Inc. (May 2009)

“Toni Mills Graphic Design of Newport RI has been a tremendous discovery for DIPPERS
PACKING CO., INC., the home of Dipollinos SUPRI Sopressata. She has transformed my web
site into something that I have desired for months and was unable to get from other companies.
Meeting her was purely accidental and it turned out to be the best accident of my life. In just a
few short weeks she has proven to me that she is one of the best in the business. I cannot thank
her enough for what she has done for me and my business. I will recommend her and her design
company to everyone that I know and I am sure that whoever uses her company will agree with
me that she is THE BEST.” Michael “Dipper” Dipollino, Owner

DIpper's Packing Co., Inc.

Syd Janes Pewter (2012)
Custom handcrafted pewter eCommerce website with PayPal

syd janes pewter

Touche d’Emotion Photography – Kate Mouligné (May 2006)

touche d'emotion

Toni Mills Graphic Design
Using Spry Accordion and HTML Panel functionality.

toni mills graphic design

Vegetation Management & Development (October 2007)
Some Flash

vegetation MD

Vulcan Catalytic Systems (October 2012)
New network of websites using Wordpress Multisite Network. Includes 5 domains with separate and connected
content to prevent duplication and maximize on seo while keeping all Admin in one Wordpress install.

vulcan catalytic ovens, infrared heaters, powerder coating ovens

Vulcan Catalytic Infrared Heaters (October 2012)
Website within Vulcan Catalytic Network - Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters

Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Heaters

Vulcan Infrared Catalytic Ovens (October 2012)
Website within Vulcan Catalytic Network - Industrial Infrared Catalytic Ovens

Industrial Infrared Catalytic Ovens from Vulcan Catalytic Systems

Vulcan Powder Coating Ovens (October 2012)
Website within Vulcan Catalytic Network - Powder Coating Ovens

vulcan powder coating ovens

Vulcan Catalytic MDF Powder Coat Systems (added to network 2012)
Website within Vulcan Catalytic Network - Powder Coating MDF

MDF Powder Coat Systems

Waterline Systems – Great Finishes Start at the Waterline (April 2008)
Original website design.

waterline systems

USWATERCRAFT – subsidiary of Waterline Systems (April 2008)
Original website design.


November 2009: converted to Joomla content management system using custom templates.

“Toni Mills is an extraordinary web site designer with the ability to adapt to any situation.
She works very hard to completely satisfy her clients needs. She also has worked wonders
with my search engine rankings. all at a very fair price.” Ken Webber, Owner

webber engineering

Wordpress customized StudioPress theme incorporated into Toni Mills Graphic Design's website.

website design ri

WORLD SPAR SERVICE (November 2009)
Includes Flash Photo Album

world spar service